Oct 30, 2012

Episode 7: Halloween Extravaganza

Mwahaha! Happy Halloween boys and girls. I hope everyone is having a fun and safe holiday. Today's episode is all about horror. Join Chloe, Ron, and Will as they chat their way through ways to add horror to your game and they tell scary stories from their role-playing careers. Later we interview Quieenie Thayer-Tirone from the Kweeny Todd horror blog. The audio is a little rough on the interview, due to having to beam a chat signal from hell...

  • All the Horror 1:15
  • Interview with Kweeny Todd 29:40

Oct 24, 2012

Episode 6: The Story of Dirty Words

Welcome to episode 6 of the NW Nerdcast. Thanks to all our regular listeners for keeping the podcast going and thanks to all the new listeners for joining us. Keep telling your friends and we will keep doing the cast. On this weeks episode Ron, Chloe, and Will discuss story vs. rules in tabletop gaming, should story always trump rules? Our LARP discussion for the week is on "dirty" words in gaming: metagaming, powergaming, out of character, and PVP. We hope you enjoy it.

  • Story vs. Rules (1:08)
  • Chloe's Event Calendar (14:25)
  • LARP Dirty Words (19:12)

Oct 17, 2012

Episode 5: Finding Your Backstory

Week 2 of weekly episodes and we hope you enjoy our new format. This week on the NW Nerdcast, Ron sits down for an interview with Kyle Elliot, Seattle's venture captain for Pathfinder Society. Mike, Ron, and Will talk about character back stories and their place in LARPs.

  • Interview with Kyle from Pathfinder Society 00:35
  • LARP discussion on back stories 20:55

Oct 10, 2012

Episode 4: My First Time

This week on the NW Nerdcast we talk all about our first times LARPing and tabletop gaming. We also give some helpful tips to folks who are just getting started. This week Ron and Will are joined by Mike Lamphere on our LARP segment and Jess from Sherlock-con on the tabletop segment. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

  • My First Time, LARP Edition (00:36)
  • Chloe's (?) Event Calendar (17:27)
  • My First Time, Tabletop Edition (18:42)

Oct 3, 2012

Episode 3: Immersion Matters

Welcome to episode 3 and the final equipment change (at least until we have some money to upgrade). Things are sounding all kinds of shiny and we are proud to bring you this episode all about immersion. It's a cross over topic, where we first talk tabletop immersion and then LARP immersion. We also make a big announcement about the NWNC. Enjoy!


  • Immersion in Tabletop Role-Playing (1:01)
  • Chloe's Event Calendar (20:13)
  • Immersion in LARP (22:13)

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