Nov 28, 2012

Episode 11: The Independence of Romance

For some reason 11 just seems like an awesome number today. Oh that's right, episode 11 and we are still excited to be bringing you the podcast all about role-playing. This weekend we go into studio to record episodes 12 & 13, then we will be making a video for our Indiegogo (a crowd funding program, similar to Kickstarter) campaign. Look out for that.

We have a big show full of fun and information. On this week's tabletop segment Ron, Will, and Chloe discuss how to make an indie RPG. Ron and Will share some nuggets of wisdom and experience from  how they took their game Carmine from a 30 page manuscript to a published game on many local store shelves. This week's LARP topic is about in-game romance. How to pull it off with elegance and with respect.

  • 1:51 Creating an indie tabletop game
  • 25:27 IG romance in a LARP

Nov 26, 2012

Archive Changes

Hey gang,

We have made some changes to the site. Some of our older episodes have moved to a new archive page, here. This may change in the future after we get our fundraiser going. Gonna be epic!

Just kidding! Looks like we had to upgrade our service anyways so now we have a stupid amount of space. All things should be as they were... Move along... New episode out tomorrow!

Nov 21, 2012

Episode 10: Geeky Girls and Costumes

This week on the podcast:

In the first segment, Ron sits down with Mistress Von Gearmaster from Seattle Geeky Girls to talk about being a real nerd model in the Seattle area. Please click the links below to show them some love and tell em that NW Nerdcast sent you!

In the 2nd segment Ron, Chloe, and Will talk all about costuming on a budget for LARP. If you aren't into making your own costume check out Will's costuming company Attention Span Garb.

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Nov 14, 2012

Episode 9: According to the Shadows, Run!

Today on the NW Nerdcast, Ron and Mike sit down with James Alley one of the executive officers of Shadow Accord. Also on the Nerdcast, we begin our new series highlighting our favorite game series. We decided to stick with the shadows and highlight Shadowrun. We hope you are enjoying our humble podcast. If you would like to help pay the rent you can donate by clicking the paypal link on the main page (anything helps). You can also help out by telling a friend. We intend on starting an Indiegogo crowd funding soon, so look out for that.

  • 00:40 Interview with James Alley
  • 28:03 Highlight of Shadowrun

Nov 13, 2012

Minisode 3: Review of Beyond the Aether

Greetings Nerdcasters!

I (Ron) was hoping to make the first game of Beyond the Aether but unfortunately life got in the way. Luckily, a good friend of the show, Brian Johnson, was in attendance and was willing to help us out. He strapped on his trusty gaming headset and recorded us a review. The audio is slightly rough but we were unable to get him up to WA to record at Nerdcast 1 Studios. It's a well done and thorough review of the game as a whole. Big thanks to him for helping us out. We hope you enjoy this special minisode of the NW Nerdcast! Check out the brand new full episode up tomorrow.

Nov 7, 2012

Episode 8: Dying for Your Flaws

Hello boys and girls!

It's Wednesday and that means a brand new NW Nerdcast. Today Ron, Chloe, and Mike are talking about the importance of having flawed characters in a tabletop game and we ask the question, how long should a character live in a LARP?

  • 1:00 Flawed characters in a tabletop
  • 18:20 Chloe's event calendar
  • 20:16 How long should a LARP character live?

Nov 4, 2012

Minisode 2: Review of Steamcon 2012

Howdy gang,

In this very special minisode of the NW Nerdcast, Ron reviews Steamcon IV Victorian monsters. Steamcon is a steam punk convention held annually in Bellevue Washington.

Ron and Chloe in their western steampunk gear:

A few of our favorite costumes: