Dec 25, 2012

Holiday Message

Merry happy, everyone. No episode this week but we thought we would send you all a little holiday cheer. Holiday message, nerdcast style. Enjoy!

Dec 19, 2012

Episode 14: Epic Quality

Episode 14 is here and podbean is fixed! You will notice that our site should run much more smoothly. Up on the show today we will be talking about two fun topics. On our tabletop segment Ron, Chloe, and Will discuss how to end your campaign epicly. On our LARP segment Ron, Mike, and Chloe discuss the importance of quality props and costuming.

  • 2:20 Ending your tabletop campaign epicly
  • 25:18 The importance of quality props and costuming

Ron's game Carmine is releasing its first adventure, the Codex of Pandemonium. Check out the kickstarter!

The artist at the end of the show is Stalara. Epic female nerdcore rapper. Show her love.

Next week we are taking the week off. We will have a nice holiday message in place of an episode. We will be back with a brand new episodes starting in 2013! That is if we survive the apocalypse (don't worry, we will).

Dec 12, 2012

Episode 13: Evil Kombat!

A little business first: Podbean, our webhost, has been going through a migration to a more reliable parent service. We apologize for the lack of reliability of our site. According to "the landlord" things will be much better, long term, after this week. If things don't change, we will just move.

Episode 13 is here. On this week's episode Ron, Mike, and Will talk about how to run and play an evil campaign in a tabletop setting. Later in the episode: Ron, Chloe, and Mike talk about the role of combat in a LARP (topic by Paul V. from Beyond the Aether). Exciting stuff!

Special thanks to everyone who has donated to our Indiegogo campaign. Our goal has been crushed but we welcome more pledges.

Our adress has changed, sort-of. The podbean address will still work for the time being but we are now available through Our email has changed too. If you want to contact us about the show:; if you want to contact the hosts:

  • 5:05 Evil tabletop campaign
  • 21:38 The role of combat in a LARP

Dec 5, 2012

A Special Thank You!

It's been less than a day since we announced our Indiegogo crowd funding campaign and we are funded! You all are seriously the best fans ever. I am filled with joy right now. Oh, and thanks to our good buddy Jeremy, Will is going to burn (check out out Indiegogo for context)!!!

As an extra special thank you gift, we put together a blooper reel from our Indiegogo video. We hope it will amuse you, so you we can share some of the joy. We have some other treats brewing, so look for those in the near future.

Please keep your pledges coming, the more we get the more we can do.

Dec 5, 2012

Episode 12: Indiegogo Talk Talk Talk

So many exciting things this week on the NW Nerdcast!!!

First, we are announcing our Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. We are trying to raise some money to improve the podcast and cover our expenses. We love bringing you the NW Nerdcast but it is a lot of work and paying to do work is sometimes a hard pill to swallow, so that's where you come in. Please go to and pledge your support. If you can't help financially you can always share a link on your social networks and/or tell a friend. On this week's show Ron and Mike talk to Kyle Shafer, creator of Zombie and the upcoming Oz LARP. Check out Zombie's Facebook page and give them a like. You can also check out the Last Games website for information on Kyle's projects. This week's role-playing topic is a fan suggestion from Cass Johnson; Ron, Chloe, and Will talk about talking to non-gamers about role-playing.

  • 1:28 Interview with Kyle Shafer
  • 24:16 How to talk to non-gamers about role-playing
  • 40:50 Indiegogo announcement and details