Ep 97: Entry Barriers Noir


Greetings Listenerds,
On today's show the Nerdcasters are all in studio together and talking about entry barriers in role-playing. Later in the show, Taylor jumps out of the host seat and into the interview seat to talk about her gaming Emerald City Noir: Wedding Edition. Enjoy the show!

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Check out Spite & Emerald City Noire

Time Stamps:
  • 2:55 - Role-playing entry barriers
  • 21:07 - Old timey event calendar
  • 25:42 - Interview with Taylor Alcock about ECN: Wedding Edition

Original Music & Commercials By: Ron Leota

Music Clips: Under fair use from freemusicarchive.com

Song of the week: Super Mario RPG, by The World is Square off of Stay Awhile and Listen