Episode 1: Let the Games Begin


Episode one is up for the internets to judge. We are super excited to bring you the show. We had a number of technical issues that resulted in the current sound quality of the show, however, our goal is to improve on every episode.

On this weeks show:

Dungeons vs. Dragons (5:02) A discussion about the current state of D&D and whether or not, version 5 will bring the fans back to the game.

Event Calendar (22:40) We pimp out the LARPs Zombie, Shadow Accord, Alliance Seattle, Gaslight, Dying Light, and Legacies.

NPCs Are People Too (33:16) A discussion on what is reasonable for the paying customer (the PCs) to expect from the volunteers (NPCs).

Matt Oostman Interview (49:55) An interview with Alliance Seattle's general manager/head of plot, Matt Oostman.

Let us know what you think. Please comment. If you hate role-playing or are just here to troll, please don't bother posting. If you have constructive criticism, we would love to hear it.

Sound clips from Revenge of the Nerds, Ghosts n' Goblins, The Megas, Super Mario Brothers OST, Super Mario Brothers Super Show theme. All sound bytes used with permission or for parody, under Fair Use. No copyright infringement intended, we are just nerdy fans.

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