Episode 11: The Independence of Romance


For some reason 11 just seems like an awesome number today. Oh that's right, episode 11 and we are still excited to be bringing you the podcast all about role-playing. This weekend we go into studio to record episodes 12 & 13, then we will be making a video for our Indiegogo (a crowd funding program, similar to Kickstarter) campaign. Look out for that.

We have a big show full of fun and information. On this week's tabletop segment Ron, Will, and Chloe discuss how to make an indie RPG. Ron and Will share some nuggets of wisdom and experience from  how they took their game Carmine from a 30 page manuscript to a published game on many local store shelves. This week's LARP topic is about in-game romance. How to pull it off with elegance and with respect.

  • 1:51 Creating an indie tabletop game
  • 25:27 IG romance in a LARP