Episode 133: We’ve Been Treasure Trapped!


On today's NW Nerdcast Taylor and Ron review the epic LARP documentary Treasure Trapped and then discuss some of the differences they saw in European LARPing vs. the NW. Big props to Jordan at larping.org and Shona from Treasure trapped for hooking us up with the screener. 

Now for some big awesome news! The Treasure Trapped crew are trying to debut the film in the US right here in Seattle and all they need to do is sell 100 tickets. The creators will be in attendance at the screening on the 27th but you have to pre-buy your tickets. Larping.org is also offering a 25% on their site for anyone who purchases a ticket. Let's make this thing happen! I can't express how amazing this documentary is. 

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All original music and production by: Ron Leota

End song: Though All Men Do Despise Us by Death*Star