Episode 14: Epic Quality


Episode 14 is here and podbean is fixed! You will notice that our site should run much more smoothly. Up on the show today we will be talking about two fun topics. On our tabletop segment Ron, Chloe, and Will discuss how to end your campaign epicly. On our LARP segment Ron, Mike, and Chloe discuss the importance of quality props and costuming.

  • 2:20 Ending your tabletop campaign epicly
  • 25:18 The importance of quality props and costuming

Ron's game Carmine is releasing its first adventure, the Codex of Pandemonium. Check out the kickstarter!

The artist at the end of the show is Stalara. Epic female nerdcore rapper. Show her love.

Next week we are taking the week off. We will have a nice holiday message in place of an episode. We will be back with a brand new episodes starting in 2013! That is if we survive the apocalypse (don't worry, we will).