Episode 16: Giving Props to the Movies


Episode 16 is here and marks the end of our Indiegogo campaign. Today is the last day to get in your pledges: http://www.indiegogo.com/nwnerdcast1. Join the revolution.

On today's podcast Mike, Ron, and Chloe talk about creating props for your tabletop game. On today's LARP segment, the crew talks about LARP in film and video. Mild spoiler alert! Make sure to welcome our special guest podcaster who just wouldn't shut up, Scooter the cat. Nerdcast1 Studios is in Ron's apartment and his cat just couldn't resist making an appearance. As a special treat, Mike learns the meaning of "jumping the shark."

  • 2:30 Creating tabletop props
  • 19:53 Chloe's event calendar
  • 23:36 LARP in film

Check out Ron's Lovecraft event!

Transition songs: From Hexwave's Monorave Compilation

Original music: Fat Warrior

Song of the week: Dork Date by Beefy, off of his album, Rolling Doubles.

All music used with permission.