Episode 17: Creative Character Creation 101


Our Indiegogo campaign is done and now we can stop talking to it. We came in just under a thousand bucks, almost twice our goal! Expect some fun new things in the future, including some rig updates. If you contributed, expect your swag in the mail in early February.

On today's show we are talking all about character creation. Ron, Mike, and Chloe give some tips and opinions about creating a character for a tabletop game then a LARP. If you have any tips we missed please comment on this post or throw it up on Facebook.

  • 1:56 Character Creation (Tabletop)
  • 18:30 Chloe's Event Calendar
  • 21:45 Character Creation (LARP)

Check out Ron's Lovecraft event!

Transition songs: From Micro Invasion

Original music: Fat Warrior

Song of the week: Up, Up, and Away by Beefy, off of his album, With Sprinkles.

All music used with permission.