Episode 18: Good Gamers Unite!


It's Wednesday, so that means another episode of the NW Nerdcast. Submitted for your approval is episode 18. On today's episode Ron, Chloe, and Will talk about all things good. In the first segment they discuss how to be a good player in tabletop game. In the second segment they talk all about being a good NPC at LARP. We should be debuting our new rig next month.

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  • 2:03 Being a good tabletop player
  • 18:38 Chloe's event calendar
  • 22:29 Being a good NPC in a LARP

Transition music: Edward Shallow's song Poisons & Potions off of the Album World Head Law

Original music: Fat Warrior

Song of the week: Join My Guild by Beefy, off of his album, With Sprinkles.

All music used with permission.