Episode 2: The Legend Continues


Episode 2 is here! NW Nerdcast, now with 90% less technical issues. We worked out the kinks on the recording rig and we are sounding pretty decent. We are still learning a lot and we appreciate all the love we have received so far. Keep telling your friends and please enjoy episode 2.


  • Running a Tabletop Game: (00:40) Tips and tricks for starting a game and keeping it going
  • Chloe's Event Calendar: (17:06) Chloe runs down some of the upcoming LARP happenings. If you would like to be on the event calendar, please email us at nwnerdcast@gmail.com.
  • LARP is: (19:16) Dispelling the myths and negative stigmas of live action role-playing.
  • Interview with Paul Vorvick: (41:20) Creator of Beyond the Aether, a steampunk LARP debuting in the NW in November. Check out their Kickstarter!

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