Episode 21: Exalted Changes


Happy Wednesday my favorite people,

Today on the show Mike, Chloe, and Ron highlight the tabletop game, Exalted 2nd Edition by White-Wolf Publishing. Later in the show we talk about how LARP changes ourselves and others for the better or worse. If you have a topic you would like us to discuss on the show, please email us at info@nwnerdcast.com.

This Saturday Ron, Chloe, and Will will be at Radcon (held at the Red Lion in Pasco, WA) doing the very first live episode of the NW Nerdcast. We are not quite set-up for actual "live-broadcast" but we will be airing the live show on our normal day (next Wednesday). If you are attending the con, stop on by and say hello. According to our itinerary we will be on from 8-9pm in 2203, check you programs to confirm.

If you have story you would like to share please comment on this post or post on our Facebook page.

  • 1:55 Highlight of Exalted
  • 23:50 Chloe's Event Calendar
  • 26:16 How LARPing changes people for better or worse

Transition music: Edward Shallow's song Poisons & Potions off of the Album World Head Law

Original music: Fat Warrior

Song of the week: Just Another Machine by The Megas, off of their single, Fly on a Dog.

All music used with permission.