Episode 22: Radcon is Live!


Our nerdcasters are tired and a little hung over from Radcon... Wait Radcon happened; that means the first LIVE episode of the NW Nerdcast was recorded! On this week's episode Ron, Will, and Chloe "perform" live at Radcon. They talk about role-playing at a con, take questions from the audience, and interview a few audience members just for fun. This episode is more loosely structured than your standard NW Nerdcast, due to having an audience helping guide things. We will be back in studio and to our standard format next week.

If you have any question or comments please comment on the episode's comment section or check us out on facebook.

  • No time stamps, just all live nerdery!

Original music: Fat Warrior

Song of the week: History Repeating Pt. 2 (One Last Time) by The Megas, off of their album, History Repeating: Blue

All music used with permission.