Episode 23: Boards Forcing RP


Welcome to Episode 23 of the Northwest Nerdcast. Chloe and Mike are out this week on unrelated scheduling conflicts. This week we bring back a  blast from our past, Matt Oostman, general manager and head of plot for Alliance Seattle, to sit in as guest host.

On the show today we talk about the relationship between board games and role-playing games. The topic started as a history lesson on the evolution of board games to RPGs and back again but the conversation shifted focus into something more. On the LARP topic of the day we talk about forced role-playing effects.

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  • 2:00 The relationship between board games and tabletop RPGs
  • 20:01 Matt's event calendar
  • 22:15 Forced RP effects in a LARP setting

Transition song: From Hexwave's Monorave Compilation

Original music: Fat Warrior

Song of the week: The Message From Dr. Light by The Megas, off of their album, Get Equipped.

All music used with permission.