Episode 24: Bad Games & Social Contracts


Welcome to (the slightly late to post) episode 24 of the NW Nerdcast. This week our Fire Master Indiegogo contributor Jeremy joins us in studio, after setting Will on FIRE!!! Videos should be up soon.

On this week's episode we talk about how to bring your friends back into role-playing after a bad gaming experience and then we discuss the unspoken social contract involved with role-playing. Both these topics were fan recommendations (Alice and Paul) so if you have a topic you would like us to discuss, please email us at info@nwnerdcast.com.

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  • 2:25 How to bring a friend back into role-playing
  • 26:15 Chloe's Event Calendar
  • 28:33 The social contract of role-playing

Transition song: Dr. Von Pnok's Microhorror Compilation Vol.2

Original music: Fat Warrior

Song of the week: Item Room (NES) by Metroid Metal, off of their album, Varia Suit

All music used with permission.