Episode 27: Shadows and Nerdcasters and Oz, Oh My!


Nerdcast time!

Hey everybody, it's Wednesday so it is time for another NW Nerdcast. On today's episode Ron, Chloe, and Mike discuss the ups and downs of Ron's first Shadow Accord game. Later in the show, the nerdcasters are joined by Brittany and Kyle from The World of Oz; we get the exclusive lowdown and announce the first game date! Please check them out, they rock.

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  • 1:49 - Ron goes to Shadow Accord
  • 24:42 - Chloe's event calendar ever!
  • 28:24 - Interview with the World of Oz crew

Transition song: From Hexwave's Monorave Compilation

Original music: Fat Warrior

Song of the week: Norfair by Metroid Metal, off of their album, Varia Suit: Expansion Pack

All music used with permission or under an open copyright.