Episode 28: Burning Out & Having Fun



On today's episode we talk about burn out, how to notice and deal with it (topic by Natalya H. from Oz). Later in the show we talk about how to make the game better for others while you play it. If Will's mic sounds extra crappy, that's an emergency back up, one of our mics died before recording.

Announcement!!! We will be taking a spring break next week. The nerdcrew has a ton of events and personal things getting in the way, so we are taking a week off. We will be back on April 17th with all new episodes!

If you have a topic you would like us to discuss, please email us at info@nwnerdcast.com.

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  • 1:58 - Recognizing and dealing with burnout
  • 23:48 - Chloe's event calendar
  • 28:54 - Making the game better for others, while you play

Transition song:From Hexwave's Monorave Compilation

Original music:Fat Warrior

Song of the week: Broken Robots (feat. Kyle Stevens) by Death*Star, off of their album, A New Dope

All music used with permission or under an open copyright.