Episode 30: Religiously Into Death*Star & Standard Action


Wow! We have a special hour long show for you today. As a special treat we have not one but two sets of interview guests. Not bad for episode 30, if we do say so.

First the nerdcasters talk about religion and pantheons in role-playing. Then we talk to our artist of the month Death*Star. Special thank you to C0splay and MC-3P0 for talking to us. We had to edit down the interview for time but if you would like to hear the full version download it here. Then we talk to the folks from the role-playing based web series: Standard Action. Special thanks to Rob, Tara, and Vanessa for talking with us. Please check out their show and donate to their Kickstarter!

See Death*Star, live in Tacoma on Saturday!

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  • 1:50 - Religion and pantheons in role-playing
  • 23:30 - Chloe's event calendar ever!
  • 26:52 - Interview with Death*Star
  • 41:30 - Interview with Standard Action
  • Original music: Fat Warrior

    Song of the week: Sixteen Tons by Death*Star, off of their album, A New Dope

    All music used with permission or under an open copyright.