Episode 32: IG Groups Flee Arkham!


On today's show, nerdcasters Chloe, Will, and Ron are joined by special guest host Barb (check her out on last week's Women in Gaming segment) to talk about forming and maintaining an IG organization in a LARP. Then in the second segment the group highlights the boardgame of the month: Arkham Horror. So much fun stuff!

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  • 1:33 - Forming an IG Group
  • 27:58 - Chloe's event calendar ever!
  • 31:37 - Board game of the month: Arkham Horror

Transition song: From Hexawe'sMonorave Compilation

Original music: Fat Warrior

Song of the week: First World Problems by MC Frontalot, off of his album, Zero Day

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Legion of the Sun 2010

Arkham Horror with all expansions, it's a beast!