Episode 73: Knights of Badassdom Special!


Hello and welcome to the Knights of Badassdom special. In the show, Indie Gamegasm host, Taylor joins us for a discussion on the film and how LARP could be better treated in the movies. We watched the film and then immediately pressed record, so this is all very fresh in our minds. This episode contains spoilers for the movie Knights of Badassdom, so you have been warned. 

Please check out the trailer for Knights of Badassdom and see the movie, if you haven't.  

If you want to check out the kickstarter, mention on the episode: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1612117073/alchemy-the-card-game-make-potions-unleash-chaos

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00:50 - Knights of Badassdom mega review
22:22 - Chloe's Event Calendar
25:45 - Making the image of LARP better in film

Original music: Fat Warrior
Song of the week: Belac by Ron Leota and Noodle Boy