Episode 77: Finales & Saying Goodbye to Someone We Love


Welcome to a very special episode of the NW Nerdcast. We got word on Friday that Chloe would be leaving the Nerdcast to pursue a new career. Hear all about it on today's episode as we discuss season and series finales in a LARP and then we spend some time saying goodbye to Chloe. It's been an amazing time and Chloe will be missed every time we fire  up the mics. Listen through the end to hear who will be the new nerdcaster and lots of special things. 

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3:08 - Season and Series Finales in a LARP
18:17 - Chloe's Final Event Calendar
22:24 - A Farewell to Chloe

Original music: Fat Warrior
Song of the week: sports!!! by The Minibosses off of their album Brass 2: Mouth