Episode 96: Teams and Archetypes


Hey boys and girls, we are back! Last week's meltdown was due to computer problems and I am happy to report that Nerdcast 2 Studios is up and running. On today's episode Ron, Will, Taylor, and Matt discuss the importance of team building OOG and archetypes in role-playing. Enjoy and sorry for being absent last week.  

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Time Stamps:
  • 2:15 - Team Building
  • 14:48 - Taylor's Anarchy "Calendar"
  • 16:18 - Archetypes in Storytelling

Original Music & Commercials By: Ron Leota

Music Clips: Under fair use from freemusicarchive.com

Song of the week: Damn that's a Funky Frog, by The World is Square off of Stay Awhile and Listen