Welcome to the NW Nerdcast: The Show All About Role-playing. The podcast is run by a group of four hardcore role-players with over half a century of collective knowledge and experience. Come join us for weekly shows on various topics pertaining to role-playing and the occasional nugget of other nerdy goodness. Here you’ll find advice, opinions, and all kinds of fun to fill your earholes.


The NW Nerdcast has been an institution in the worlds of live-action, tabletop, and experimental role-playing games since 2012. The podcast took a one-year hiatus between the summers of 2015-16 but we are back and more podcasty than ever. The show is produced and hosted by Ron Leota who is joined by co-hosts Barbara Martin, Caille Jensen, and Kirsten Olin.


For more information, visit our handy FAQ below.



Barbara Martin is a Seattle native with a flair for the nerdy and geeky. She started young in computers and computer gaming, and came much later to the console gaming crowd. College introduced Barbara to role- playing games and LARPing, which she took to with enthusiasm. Barbara is an avid crafter and loves to make her own geeky clothing.


Barbara currently adores LARPing and playing her biweekly Hunter game. She runs logistics for SPITE, and is a technomancer and NPC for SPITE as well. Barbara also plays Alliance Oregon, ran logistics in Alliance Seattle for several years, has played World of Oz and Shadow Accord. Her regular Hunter game is run by fellow co-host Ron.




Kirsten was born and raised (mostly) in Seattle. She’s also spent time in China and Japan and enjoys learning new cultures and languages. She also has an expensive addiction to learning new crafts and currently has multiple projects in leather work, beading, needle point and stained glass.


Kirsten became a theater rat at the early age of 7. She has done play acting and backstage technical support for more than 20 years. Her love of the stage and the prodding of some friends lead her to her first LARP at the impressionable age of 18. She started in a World Of Darkness: Vampire parlor LARP and has branched out into multiple boffer LARPs since then. She has written plot for Emerald City Chronicles (Vampire), Alliance, and is part of the founding Plot team and writers for SPITE. Providing women with a unique LARP experience is a new interest of hers which should be coming to light soon in a new plot series. She also enjoys running a regular table top RPG for a few friends in her spare time.




Ron Leota grew up in Seattle, surrounded by arcades, Wizards of the Coast, Nintendo of America, and role-playing shops in every city. It started innocent enough, with a viewing of Star Wars: A New Hope, from there it snowballed into a love of all things geeky.


Ron is a game developer, writer, and musician. He has been an avid gamer for 20+ years. Along with a “healthy” video game habit he is the creator of the Carmine: An Alchemical Fantasy, DnDizzle: Dragons in the Hood, and Laser Metal tabletop role-playing franchises. He has been running Larp events for the past 6 years including Days of Horror, Alliance Seattle, and one of the NW’s largest LARPs, Spite: A Science-fiction Larp. He is one of the founders of the NW Nerdcast and former host of the Sincerely Geek podcast. Along with lending his voice to the Nerdcast, he’s also the producer.



1. Do you only talk about Larp in the Pacific Northwest?


  • No. In fact, most of our topics and advice are universal. It just so happens we all live in the area, which will affect our views and opinions. We also talk about tabletop games and some other nerdy things that excite us.


2. Didn’t you do that topic in Nerdcast 1.0/1.5?


  • Short answer, kinda. Long answer, we want to approach the Nerdcast as a brand new show. We have fresh outlooks on things, with the three new hosts and Ron has had an intense year that has greatly impacted his views on Larping. We’d like to think that “repeat” topics are going to be awesome revisits with fresh perspectives. While this doesn’t negate the old shows, we’d like to keep ourselves open to all incoming topics.


3. Two women (and one dude)! How do you plan to represent Larp with a female dominated cast?


  • This was never a question in the three years the original show ran when it was three men and one woman, so we really don’t see an issue.


4. Okay, but what about people of color? Will they be represented on your cast?


  • Absolutely! Ron is a member of the Leota tribe from American Samoa and one of the admins on the international Facebook group, Larpers of Color. For issues that Ron isn’t comfortable speaking on, he’ll be reaching out into that community for knowledge and assistance.


5. Is your podcast LGBTQ friendly?


  • Absolutely! In fact, some of our hosts are part of that community.


6. Are you affiliated with (insert name other podcast here)?


  • No. While we are constantly intermingling in the podcast community, we have no official affiliation with any other podcasts.