Some of our favorite tabletop games & publishers:

Attention Span Games - Ron’s publisher


Palladium Books


Whitewolf Publishing

Wizards of the Coast

Some of our favorite Larps:

Alliance Oregon

Alliance Seattle


Emerald City Chronicles

Gas Light

Gothic: The Lion Age



Shadow Accord

Spite - Ron, Barb, and Kirsten’s LARP

World of Oz

Podcast Friends
All Comics Considered - a progressive and refreshing look at comics

Two Bards, One Mic - A hilarious podcast by two geeky guys working in the film industry

Other realms of nerd

Arkham Horror - Ron’s favorite board game

Chicken Vicious - An epic costumer and garb maker

Death*Star - Nerdcore hip-hop group in the NW - An amazing community with articles and resources

The Megas - Ron’s favorite nerd band

Otherworlds - Awesome & unique nerd store in Edmonds, WA

Radcon - A yearly sci-fi/fantasy con we perform at

Shubzilla - Nerdcore hip-hop soloist in the NW

Standard Action - An outstanding role-playing based web series